Sunday, November 23, 2014

Who is Rina Sasazaki?

Rina Sasazaki (笹崎里菜) is a Japanese model. She is also a student at Toyo Eiwa University. She won the beauty pageant to name Miss Toyo Eiwa 2011.

She got an official job offer as an announcer of Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) in September 2013, and she was going to start to work from April 2015.

However, NTV cancelled the job offer in May 2014. The reason is that she had a work experience at a hostess club in Ginza. NTV argues that she lost integrity which most viewers demand for announcers.

In October 2014, she filed a lawsuit with Tokyo District Court for a retraction of the cancellation of the job offer.

Many legal experts think that she will win the case, because the judges cannot admit job discrimination.

This is a video of Rina Sasazaki.

Rina Sasazaki on twitter

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