Saturday, December 6, 2014

Who is Ichiro Kishida?

Ichiro Kishida(岸田一郎) is a editor and media producer in Japan. He was the editor in chief of the popular magazines such as "Begin," "MEN'S EX," "LEON,", "NIKITA."

When he was the editor in chief of "LEON," he created the Japanese slang "Choi-waru-oyaji(ちょいワルおやじ)", which means an older and rugged man. Also, he featured Panzetta Girolamo on its cover as a symbol of  "Choi-waru-oyaji."

In 2014, he was sued by a female model for forcing her to have sex with him. According to her story, he said to her that he would not let her to appear on Tokyo Girls collection, one of the most famous fashion shows in Japan, if she does not have sex with him. She reluctantly bowed to his threat. However, he broke his word because he has no power to decide who to appear on it.

This is a movie of Ichiro Kishida.

This is a movie of Panzetta Girolamo.

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