Saturday, December 6, 2014

Who is Sakura Yashiki?

Sakura Yashiki(家鋪さくら) was the last wife of Takajin Yashiki(やしきたかじん).

Takajin Yashiki was a popular musician and TV personality. He got immeasurable popularity especially in Kansai region including Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, etc. He had been married three times. He had been in the hospital for  esophagus cancer since January 2012. He finally died on January 3, 2014

Here are videos of Takajin Yashiki singing.

Sakura Yashiki had been taking care of Takajin in the hospital for two years. She got married to Takajin in October 2013, just three months before the death of Takajin.

After his death, Sakura inherited Takajin's entire estate according to his will, although Takajin had a daughter with his first wife. In March 2014, Sakura founded Office TAKAJIN Co.,Ltd, which administrates Tajajin's copyright. She is getting numerous income from his copyrights.

Many people suspects that she married not for love but for money. There are some evidences.

First, she is suspected of bigamy. She married to Ivan Signore in September 2010 in Italy. She went back to Japan in December 2011. In the same month, she met Takajin at a party, and they started dating soon.

However, Sakura and Ivan did not divorce when Sakura and Takajin started dating. Ivan tweeted on March 15th, 2012, as below:

far from my wife and I am going crazy. Maybe it's time to think how to get out this situation. Move to Japan?

Soon after Takajin's death, Ivan criticized Sakura on his twitter as below:
Sakura insists that she divorced Ivan before she married to Takajin. However, it takes 5 to 7 years to get divorce in Italy in general.

Second, Sakura is suspicious of creating Takajin's oral will in conspiracy with a lawyer. She took a video of his oral will. According to a person who watched the video, the lawyer said to Takajin, "Do you agree that Sakura Yashiki will inherit your entire estate?" Takajin said "Yeah..." in a hazy state. It is doubtful whether Takajin understood the lawyer's words.

If you want to see her photos, click the link below:

Takajin Yashiki's memorial website administrated by Office TAKAJIN Co.,Ltd


  1. I used to watch Takajin’s TV shows all the time. Would you please add some important facts? First, please note that Sakura, a Korean Japanese, has changed her name multiple times, so Sakura is just one of her aliases. Second, Takajin allegedly declared his close friends on Dec. 25, 2013 that he was going to leave a certain portion of his fortune for his only daughter. The very next day, Dec. 26, however, according to Sakura, he suddenly became severely sick. Since then, he was completely alienated from all of his family members and friends until his death. On Dec. 29, he signed the fishy living will whose content was contradictory to what he had declared only four days before. The scene was videotaped by Sakura and her cronies, but according to Takajin’s associates who watched the video later, Takajin seemed only half conscious due to the effects of opium when videotaped. Many of us doubt the legitimacy of the living will created under such a shady condition as this. On Dec. 31, Takajin was witnessed watching Kouhaku Utagassen, the quintessential Japanese TV show broadcast on New Year’s Eve, with vigor. Then, the witness, Kuroda, a comedian who succeeded to Takajin’s TV show, got the impression that Takajin was convalescent and about to come back to work soon. However, on January 3, 2014, when all public offices were closed for New Year’s Holiday, Takajin suddenly passed away. He was alleged to die from suffocation when he mistakenly ate mochi, a sticky rice cake. We all wonder why Sakura, who claimed herself to be well trained in nursing, let Takajin, the esophageal cancer patient who had trouble swallowing, eat such a sticky food as mochi. All of these suspicious actions point a finger at Sakura and her cronies. As one of millions of Takajin’s fans, I sincerely hope that the villains will be brought to justice in the end and Takajin’s reputation and legacy will be rewarded posthumously.

    1. I posted the comment earlier, but please let me make a small correction in it. I’ve checked the detailed timeline once again and found that, to be exact, it was Makoto Kitano, who witnessed vigorous Takajin on Dec. 31. On the other hand, Kuroda was summoned to Takajin’s place and had glasses of wine together in mid-December. Observing Takajin drinking wine as vigorously as usual, Kuroda was convinced that Takajin was coming back to work in a matter of time. Then, the tragic and mysterious death occurred only a few weeks after that.
      So far, the mainstream media have remained mute about this juicy issue. Compared with gutsy truths-seekers on the Internet, who are willing to speak up but have difficulty expressing themselves in English, it only shows us how pathetically spineless the Japanese mainstream media are. Isn’t it their job to convey truths to us? I am angry with Sakura and her cronies for their shameless conduct, but I am also appalled by the media’s cowardice.

  2. Japan-born Korean-origin Sakura (real/former name :Yoshiko) had married 3 or 4 times before Takajin including one American. According to some article, she sounds like a pathological liar and her life is full of lies and she is manipulative. She just loves $Money$ just like Gold digger. She is a DEVIL!

  3. Revenune office (both Japan/Italy) should look into this matter, immediately.
    I'm pretty sure they'll find out something fishy going on if they check all the transaction records(both Sakura/Ivan) thoroughly.
    As Sakura and her cronies have a deep connection to Korea, maybe the revenue office should to check Korean account as well.

    People like Sakura makes me SICK.
    Hope Sakura and her cronies won't get way with what thay've done.

  4. Actually, you can divorce quickly if "The foreign spouse got the annulment of the marriage abroad or got married again abroad."