Saturday, June 22, 2013

What is "Sorajiro"?

"Sorajiro(そらジロー)" is a mascot of weather reports of NTV(日本テレビ). Some people regard him as a kind of "yuru-kyara(ゆるキャラ)".

"Sorajiro" is a combination of two words: "Sora" means sky in Japanese, and "jiro" is a common boy's name, which is given to a second son in Japan.

He appears on weather reports of NTV with a weather forecaster. For example, Sorajiro appears on the weather report of "news every.(ニュース・エブリィ)", a evening news program of NTV, with Minoru Kihara(木原実), a weather forecaster.

Here is a video of Sorajiro and Minoru Kihara delivering a weather forecast.

Here is a video of Sorajiro having an accident.

Sorajiro's facebook page

Sorajiro on twitter



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