Friday, June 21, 2013

Japanese news anchor Jiro Shinbo rescued on the Pacific Ocean by the Japanese Navy

Jiro Shinbo(辛坊治郎) and Mitsuhiro Iwamoto(岩本光弘) were rescued on the Pacific Ocean by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force(海上自衛隊), or the Japanese Navy, on June 21. Shinbo is a news anchor, and Iwamoto is a stone-blind yachtsman.

Shinbo and Iwamoto planed to sail across the Pacific Ocean on a yacht. They set off from Osaka on June 8. They planed to arrive at San Diego in August. Unfortunately, on June 21, their yacht was flooded, and then, they called for help.

Here is a video of Shinbo and Iwamoto sailing out from Osaka.

Some Japanese people pay attention to whether Shinbo bears the cost of the rescue. For he argued that the Japanese government should not spend taxpayers' money to help the victims abducted by terrorists in Iraq in 2004. He asked them for self-responsibility, because they went to a dangerous place on their own will.

Jiro Shinbo's blog

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