Monday, June 16, 2014

Who is Mariko Seyama?

Mariko Seyama(脊山麻理子) is a 34-year-old female news anchor in Japan.

She is now appearing on "Morning Cross"(モーニングCROSS) which is the morning news program of Tokyo Metropolitan Television. She anchors the program together with Jun Hori(堀潤).

Seyama worked at Nippon Television(日本テレビ) as a broadcaster from 2004 to 2010. During the time, she anchored several TV programs of Nippon Television, such as "Oha!4 NEWS LIVE."

Seyama works as a glamour model recently. In Japan, it is rare that a news anchor works as a glomour model.

Here are movies of Seyama wearing bikini.

Mariko Seyama's blog

Mariko Seyama on twitter



Sunday, June 15, 2014

Masatoshi Hamada been having an affair for 3 years.

According to June 13th's FRIDAY MAGAZINE(フライデー), one of the leading weekly magazines in Japan, Masatoshi Hamada(浜田雅功) has been engaging in an adulterous affair with Maiko Kikkawa(吉川麻衣子) for 3 years.

Masatoshi Hamada is a 51-year-old comedian and works as half of a comedy duo "Downtown(ダウンタウン)" with Hitoshi Matsumoto(松本人志). "Downtown" is one of the most popular comedy duos in Japan. Outside of the field of comedy, Hamada also works as an actor and an singer.

Here is a comedy show on which Hamada is appearing.

Maiko Kikkawa is an unknown 29-year-old glamour model with big breasts.

Here are movies of Maiko Kikkawa.

Hamada and Kikkawa started an affair in 2010, when they acted together in the drama "Kenji Onijima Heihachirou"(検事・鬼島平八郎) of TV Asahi(テレビ朝日).

Hamada issued a statement on June 14th that he admitted to adultery and he apologized to his wife and his two children.

Natsumi Ogawa(小川菜摘), Hamada's wife, also issued a statement on June 14th that she and her children forgave Hamada for having an adulterous affair.

On the other hand, Kikkawa got fired from K-point(ケイポイント), her modeling agency, on June 12th, the day before FRIDAY MAGAZINE was published. According to rumor, K-point was pressured by Yoshimoto Kogyo Co.(吉本興業), Hamada's comedy agency.

Masatoshi Hamada's official website



Monday, June 2, 2014

Who is Nonoka Ono?

Nonoka Ono(おのののか) is a popular glamour model in Japan.

She had a part-time job selling beers in Tokyo Dome during a baseball game. She sold the most beers among all of the salesgirls in Tokyo Dome. She is known and described as a over-cute salesgirl of beers.

Here is a video of Nonoka Ono giving a demonstration of selling beers. In this video, she said there were a lot of male customers who tried holding her hand.

Here are clips of Nonoka Ono in a bathing suit.

Nonoka Ono's blog

Nonoka Ono on twitter

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ryo Aska had adulterous affairs with Ai Iijima.

Shukan-bunshun(週刊文春), one of the leading weekly magazines in Japan, reported on May 29th that Ryo Aska(飛鳥涼) had adulterous affairs with Ai Iijima(飯島愛) around 2008. They enjoyed sex using MDMA, an illegal drug.

Ryo Aska is a musician and works as a duo "Chage and Aska" with Chage(チャゲ). "Chage and Aska" is one of the most popular duos in Japan. He was arrested on suspicion of possesion of stimulants on May 17th.

Here are music videos of Chage and Aska.

Ai Iijima worked as a porn star, and then became a TV personality. She appeared on a lot of TV programs, but she retired from show business in 2007.
She died in 2008 at the tender age of 36. According to police reports, she died of pneumonia. However, some people suspects that she died of a drug overdose.

Here is a documentary of Ai Iijima.

Chage and Aska official web site

Ai Iijima's blog