Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who is Yurina Yanagi?

Yurina Yagagi(柳ゆり菜) is a Japanese glamour model, actress.

She entered the spotlight on October 24th when she appeared on "Massan(マッサン)", a morning drama program of NHK. She performed a nude model of a poster for advertising wine. The viewers were surprised because she got undressed and presented semi-nude.

She appears on other dramas and movies. For example, she starred in the movie "Uwakoi(うわこい)" in 2014. Here is the trailer of Uwakoi.

Dancing is her special skill. She used to dance as a backup dancer behind EXILE.

Here is another video of Yurina Yanagi.

Her big sister, Iroha Yanagi(柳いろは) also works as an glomour model.

Here are videos of Iroha Yanagi.

Yurina Yanagi's official website

Yurina Yanagi's blog

Yurina Yanagi on twitter

Iroha Yanagi on twitter

Iroha Yanagi's blog

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Former Morning Musume member Ai Kago's husband, Haruhiko Ando, was issued an arrest wattant.

Haruhiko Ando(安藤陽彦) is an executive in Japan. He is known as the husband of Ai Kago(加護亜依), a former member of Morning Musume(モーニング娘。). According to Internet gossip, he has a close relationship with Yamaguchi-gumi(山口組), the most large gang group in Japan.

According to news reports, he was issued an arrest warrant on October 24th. He is suspected of violating the law on investment deposits and interest rates. The law sets the maximum interest rate at 20%. However, he lent approximately 2.5 million yen to a man at a rate exceeding the maximum rate of the law, in conspiracy with a gang of Yamaguchi-gumi.

He still has not gone home, and he is concealing himself.

He was arrested on suspicion of extortion in 2011, but he was exempted from prosecution.

According to rumor, he has habitually been violent toward Kago. In addition, he used to behave violently to Tomomi Kahara(華原朋美), a popular female singer in Japan, while he was an boyfriend of Kahara.

Here are music clips of Morning Musume when Kago was a member of it.

Ai Kago's blog

Ai Kago on twitter

Friday, October 24, 2014

Who is Rina Deguchi?

Rina Deguchi (出口莉奈) is a nameless female singer, a member of "CoverGirls," a nameless female music group.

She became notorious for her own lie. On October 20th, she reported a stalking victim to the police, and she was protected by the police. Then, she temporary stopped her activity as a singer. On October 23th, however, it was revealed that she pretended to be victimized by a stalker.

Why did she tell the lie? She said the police that she did not want to appear on an upcoming live show.

Here is a video of Rina Deguchi.

Rina Deguchi's blog

Rina Deguchi on twitter

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What did Mari Yaguchi say in her first appearance on TV in 1 year and 5 months?

On October 23th, Mari Yaguchi(矢口真里) appeared on "Miyaneya(ミヤネ屋)" which is a afternoon tabloid show of Yomiuri Telecasting(読売テレビ). It was her first appearance on TV in 1 year and 5 months. She stopped appearing on TV soon after it was revealed that she had an affair with Kenzo Umeda(梅田賢三) even though she was married to Masaya Nakamura(中村昌也). Finally, Yaguchi divorced Nakamura.

What did she say on 'Miyaneya?"

At the beginning of her appearance, she said to the camera "Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long time. I'm Mari Yaguchi. I'm terribly sorry for causing trouble on this occasion. Thank you for inviting me. Thank you very much."

Then, Seiji Miyane(宮根誠司), the host of "Miyaneya", and Kouzo Inoue(井上公造), a reporter on show business, interviewed her.

As for the adultery and the divorce, she said "It was all my fault. There is no doubt that I hurt Nakamura."

As for her future, she said "I have no idea. I have no plan from tomorrow. Maybe my agency has received some offers. However, I want to express my feelings at first. And then I'll accept offers if I am needed. I'll retire from show business if there's no need of me."

As for Kenzo Umeda, "He's my current boyfriend. I live with him." However, she also said that she had no thought of getting married with him soon.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mari Yaguchi comes back to show business

On October 23th, Mari Yaguchi(矢口真里) is going to appear on "Miyaneya(ミヤネ屋)" which is a afternoon tabloid show of Yomiuri Telecasting(読売テレビ). It will be her first appearance on TV in 1 year and 5 months.

Mari Yaguchi(矢口真里) is a Japanese pop artist, actress and TV personality and former member of Morning Musume(モーニング娘。). She got married to Masaya Nakamura(中村昌也), then an nameless actor, in 2011. However, it was revealed in May 2013 that she had an affair with Kenzo Umeda(梅田賢三), a male nameless fashion model. As soon as the adultery was revealed, Yaguchi and Nakamura got divorced. In addition to it, Yaguchi stopped appearing on TV because Nakamura's agency, Watanabe Entertainment(ワタナベエンターテインメント), pressured television companies not to put Yaguchi on their TV programs.

What has enabled Yaguchi to appear on TV again regardless of pressure by Watanabe Entertainment?

The answer is that Yaguchi has won the backing of Burning Production(バーニングプロダクション) which is the most influential entertainment agency in Japan. Yaguchi's agency, UP-FRONT GROUP(アップフロントグループ), has not a capital but a good relationship with Burning Production.

Why is the first appearance on "Miyaneya?"

Because the host of "Miyaneya", Seiji Miyane(宮根誠司) has a close relationship with Ikuo Suo(周防郁雄) who is the president of Burning Production. Suo is the most influential person in Japanese show business, and is said to have a relationship with Yakuza, Japanese mafia.

Why does Yaguchi want to return to show business?

The reason is that Yaguchi needs to earn money to feed Umeda, who she lives with. Although she is said to have about 100 million yen in savings, she has to pay over 20 million yen to her ex-husband Nakamura for recovery of pain and suffering damages. In addition, Umeda has no job because he became notorious for the adultery.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The police report on Tomohisa Yamashita was sent to the prosecutor.

On October 21th, the police report on Tomohisa Yamashita(山下智久) was sent to the prosecutor. He is suspect of damaging and taking away the cell phone of a non-celebrity woman. The case against him is expected to be dropped, because Yamashita and the woman have already reached an out-of-court settlement.

According to the articles of the tabloids in Japan reporting in July, Jin Akanishi(赤西仁), Ryo Nishikido(錦戸亮) and Tomohisa Yamashita skirmished with a group of non-celebrity people on the street in Roppongi in June. A woman of the group took a film of the skirmishing with the camera of her cell phone, and Yamashita took away the cell phone and ran away. At a later date, the woman filed a damage report to the police. And then, Akanishi, Nishikido and Yamashita got into the trouble with the police.

Tomohisa Yamashita's official page

Jin Akanishi's official website

Jin Akanishi on twitter

Kanjani Eight's official page

Monday, October 20, 2014

Osaka's mayor debates with civic leader on hate speech

On October 20th, the mayor of Osaka city, Toru Hashimoto(橋下徹) debated with the leader of "Zaitokukai(在特会)", Makoto Sakurai(桜井誠).

Zaitokukai is shortened as "Zainichi Tokken wo Yurusanai Shimin no Kai (在日特権を許さない市民の会)" meaning Citizens against the Special Privileges of the Zainichi. Zaitokukai is known for its hate speeches against Zainichi, who are Koreans residing in Japan.

The theme of the debate was hate speech. However, from the beginning of the debate, they kept shouting at each other and were not arguing on the same wavelength. The planed length of the debate was 30 minutes, but it ended in 10 minutes.

Before the start of the debate, Sakurai criticized the reporters of NHK, Asahi Shimbun(朝日新聞), Mainichi Shimbun(毎日新聞) and Kyodo News Service(共同通信) for their anti-Japanese news reports.

This is the video of the debate. The debate starts at 11:00.

Toru Hashimoto on twitter

Makoto Sakurai on twitter

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A porn star appears on Toyota's website

On September 19th, Mana Sakura(紗倉まな) started to write a column for "", which is the website operated by Toyota Motor Corporation.

She is a popular porn star in Japan. She is also known as a car lover.

According to Tokyo Sports(東京スポーツ), one of the leading tabloids in Japan, the news surprised people in advertising agencies. For it is rare that a large company uses a porn star as advertising in Japan.

A Toyota's spokesperson said to Tokyo Sports, "We continue to use a car lover for advertising, regardless of his or her occupation." It is possible that another porn star appears on

There are arguments both for and against the news on the Internet.

Here are the links to Sakura's columns for


Here are clips of Mana Sakura.

Tokyo Sports: 紗倉まなと世界のトヨタが衝撃合体 広告業界も仰天

Mana Sakura on twitter

Mana Sakura's blog

Mana Sakura's diary

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who is Shizuka Nakamura?

Shizuka Nakamura(中村静香) is a popular glamour model in Japan. She is popular for her big breasts and her baby face.

"Shizuka" was named after "Minamoto Shizuka(源静香)" in Doraemon(ドラえもん), one of the most popular cartoons in Japan.

She also works as an actress. She appeared on a number of TV dramas and movies as a small role.

Here are clips of Shizuka Nakamura.

Shizuka Nakamura's blog

Shizuka Nakamura's profile