Monday, March 4, 2013

Who is Osamu Hayashi?

Osamu Hayashi (林修) is a Japanese (National Language) teacher at Toshin High School which is not a high school but a cram school for university entrance exams.
He is the most famous teacher in Japan at the moment. He is famous for his phrase "Itsuyaruka?---Imadesyo! (When will you do? --- Right now!)."
His phrase became known among Japanese people after he acted in TV commercial of Toshin High School in 2011.
He is one of the most talked-about people in Japan now, because he also acts in Toyota Motor's TV commercial, which imitates Toshin's TV commercial. In Toyota's TV commercial, he says "Itsukauka?---Imadesyo! (When will you buy? --- Right now!)"

Here is Osamu Hayashi in TV commercial of Toyota Motor Corporation.

Here is TV commercial of Toshin High School.

Toshin High School
Toyota Motor Corporation

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