Friday, April 3, 2015

Who is Satoshi Kamishige?

Satoshi Kamishige(上重聡) is a male TV personality in Japan. He belongs to NTV(Nihon Television) as an announcer.

He was a host of "Zoom-in Saturday", a popular Saturday morning show of NTV, from April 3rd 2010 to March 28th 2015. He has been hosting "Sukkiri!", a popular weekday morning infortainment show of NTV, since March 30 2015 with Koji Kato(加藤浩次), a comedian.

Shukan-Bunshun, one of the leading weekly magazines in Japan, got a scoop on Kamishige and reported on April 1st, 2015. He bought a luxury apartment with a non-interest loan of 170 million yen from Masahiro Miki(三木正浩). Miki is the founder of ABC Mart, which is the biggest shoes retailer in Japan. Miki ranked 534th in The World's Billionaires 2015 by Forbes, 10th among the Japanese. Kamishige has a relationship with Miki. However, NTV forbids its employees to receive favors from its sponsors in private. Kamishige expressed an apology in writing on April 2nd. In addition, Kamishige expressed an apology at the beggining of "Sukkiri" on April 3rd.

Here is a video of Kamishige expressing an apology.

According to gossips, Kamishige has been in love with Azama Myu (安座間美優) since 2011. Azama is a Japanese female model. She was a weather caster on "Zoom-in Saturday" from 2008 to 2011., and appeared on it together with Kamishige for one and a half years. By chance or necessity, she was appeared on TV commercial of ABC Mart in 2013.

Kamishige was a well-known student baseball player before he joined NTV. As he was a student at Rikkyo University, he pitched a perfect game against the University of Tokyo in 2000. He became the second man who pitched a perfect in Tokyo Big6 Baseball League. As he was a pitcher of PL high school, he went against in Koshien with Yokohama high school whose pitcher was Daisuke Matsuzaka(松坂大輔) in 1998. PL lost and Yokohama won in the game.

Here is a video of the game of PL vs Yokohama.

Satoshi Kamishige's profile

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