Friday, March 15, 2013

What is "Funassyi"?

"Funassyi"(ふなっしー) is one of popular "yuru-kyara(ゆるキャラ)"(loose characters) in Japan. (If you don't know yuru-kyara, see what is yuru-kyara?) He (or she?) promotes Funabashi-shi(Funabashi city) in Chiba Prefecture on TV programs, festivals, events and so on."Funassyi" is a combination of two words: "Funa" is short for Funabashi and "nassyi" represents the Japanese word for "pears," or "nashi(梨)." Funabashi is known for production of pears.

Funassyi appeared in TV commercial for "Juroku-cha(十六茶)", a Japanese tea product, with Yui Niigaki(a Japanese actress) and other yuru-kyara, such as "Adu-chan(あづちゃん)","Nishiko-kun(にしこくん)",and so on.
Here is the TV commercial of Juroku-cha.

Funassyi has three notable features.

1. Funassyi is an UNOFFICIAL character.
   Though most of yuru-kyara in Japan are authorized and supported by their own prefectures(都道府県) or municipalities(市町村), Funassyi isn't authorized and supported by Funabashi-shi. Funassyi isn't authorized and supported by any other organizations too. Funassyi does activities at its own expense.

2. Funassyi CAN speak.
   Though most of yuru-kyara in Japan can't let out their voice, Funassyi can do it. Funassyi always speaks in a high voice with adding "nassyi(なっしー)" at the end of its sentences.

3. Funassyi makes ACTIVE movements.
   Though many of yuru-kyara in Japan are placid, Funassyi makes active(sometimes acrobatic) movements.

Here are Funassyi's videos.

Funassyi's website
Funassyi on twitter

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