Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who is Yurina Yanagi?

Yurina Yagagi(柳ゆり菜) is a Japanese glamour model, actress.

She entered the spotlight on October 24th when she appeared on "Massan(マッサン)", a morning drama program of NHK. She performed a nude model of a poster for advertising wine. The viewers were surprised because she got undressed and presented semi-nude.

She appears on other dramas and movies. For example, she starred in the movie "Uwakoi(うわこい)" in 2014. Here is the trailer of Uwakoi.

Dancing is her special skill. She used to dance as a backup dancer behind EXILE.

Here is another video of Yurina Yanagi.

Her big sister, Iroha Yanagi(柳いろは) also works as an glomour model.

Here are videos of Iroha Yanagi.

Yurina Yanagi's official website

Yurina Yanagi's blog

Yurina Yanagi on twitter

Iroha Yanagi on twitter

Iroha Yanagi's blog

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