Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mari Yaguchi comes back to show business

On October 23th, Mari Yaguchi(矢口真里) is going to appear on "Miyaneya(ミヤネ屋)" which is a afternoon tabloid show of Yomiuri Telecasting(読売テレビ). It will be her first appearance on TV in 1 year and 5 months.

Mari Yaguchi(矢口真里) is a Japanese pop artist, actress and TV personality and former member of Morning Musume(モーニング娘。). She got married to Masaya Nakamura(中村昌也), then an nameless actor, in 2011. However, it was revealed in May 2013 that she had an affair with Kenzo Umeda(梅田賢三), a male nameless fashion model. As soon as the adultery was revealed, Yaguchi and Nakamura got divorced. In addition to it, Yaguchi stopped appearing on TV because Nakamura's agency, Watanabe Entertainment(ワタナベエンターテインメント), pressured television companies not to put Yaguchi on their TV programs.

What has enabled Yaguchi to appear on TV again regardless of pressure by Watanabe Entertainment?

The answer is that Yaguchi has won the backing of Burning Production(バーニングプロダクション) which is the most influential entertainment agency in Japan. Yaguchi's agency, UP-FRONT GROUP(アップフロントグループ), has not a capital but a good relationship with Burning Production.

Why is the first appearance on "Miyaneya?"

Because the host of "Miyaneya", Seiji Miyane(宮根誠司) has a close relationship with Ikuo Suo(周防郁雄) who is the president of Burning Production. Suo is the most influential person in Japanese show business, and is said to have a relationship with Yakuza, Japanese mafia.

Why does Yaguchi want to return to show business?

The reason is that Yaguchi needs to earn money to feed Umeda, who she lives with. Although she is said to have about 100 million yen in savings, she has to pay over 20 million yen to her ex-husband Nakamura for recovery of pain and suffering damages. In addition, Umeda has no job because he became notorious for the adultery.

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