Saturday, October 25, 2014

Former Morning Musume member Ai Kago's husband, Haruhiko Ando, was issued an arrest wattant.

Haruhiko Ando(安藤陽彦) is an executive in Japan. He is known as the husband of Ai Kago(加護亜依), a former member of Morning Musume(モーニング娘。). According to Internet gossip, he has a close relationship with Yamaguchi-gumi(山口組), the most large gang group in Japan.

According to news reports, he was issued an arrest warrant on October 24th. He is suspected of violating the law on investment deposits and interest rates. The law sets the maximum interest rate at 20%. However, he lent approximately 2.5 million yen to a man at a rate exceeding the maximum rate of the law, in conspiracy with a gang of Yamaguchi-gumi.

He still has not gone home, and he is concealing himself.

He was arrested on suspicion of extortion in 2011, but he was exempted from prosecution.

According to rumor, he has habitually been violent toward Kago. In addition, he used to behave violently to Tomomi Kahara(華原朋美), a popular female singer in Japan, while he was an boyfriend of Kahara.

Here are music clips of Morning Musume when Kago was a member of it.

Ai Kago's blog

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