Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who is Chinami Suzuki?

Chinami Suzuki(鈴木ちなみ) is a Japanese glamour model, television presenter and actress.

She became popular among Japanese males for a reporter of "Mezamashi Saturday(めざましどようび)", a Saturday morning show of Fuji TV. Why did she get popular? Because she often appears on the program in the bikini swimsuit and her sexy body attracts male viewers.

Here are Chinami Suzuki's videos on "Mezamashi Saturday."

Her glomour photo book "By the way(ちなみに)" was released on November 2012. It became a best seller in Japan.

Here are clips on making of the photo book.

You can buy the photo book on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.jp.

Chinami Suzuki's blog (Japanese)



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