Monday, June 17, 2013

Who is Tatsuya Kawagoe?

Tatsuya Kawagoe(川越達也) is a famous chef in Japan. He runs a Italian restaurant "TATSUYA KAWAGOE" in Daikanyama(代官山), Tokyo.

Kawagoe's appearance on TV has become more frequent over the past several years, because his handsome looks and tell-it-like-it-is speaking style have gained popularity among Japanese women. His boom was triggered by his appearance on "Onegai! Ranking(お願い!ランキング)", a variety show of TV Asahi.

In June 2013, Japanese public and mass media criticized Kawagoe that he looked down on low-income people in the interview by "Cyzo(サイゾー)", one of leading monthly magazines in Japan. In the interview, he said "Some people who earn only three or four million yen a year post critical messages about expensive restaurants on internet message boards. They can't understand the expensive restaurants' own efforts and histories."

Here is a video of Tatsuya Kawagoe cooking.

Tatsuya Kawagoe's blog

TATSUYA KAWAGOE(Italian restaurant) website



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