Saturday, September 28, 2013

Who is Mai Hakase?

Mai Hakase(葉加瀬 マイ) is a well-known Japanese glomour model. Her real and former stage name is Mai Hakamada(袴田 真衣). She graduated in history from Japan Women's University in Tokyo, Japan.

She is good at speaking Korean, classical ballet, and "kimo-taisou"(キモ体操). "Kimo" is short for "Kimochiwarui(気持ち悪い)" which means creepy, and "taisou" means exercise. She also likes swimming.

She was voted Miss Flash 2012 in the Miss Flash pageant sponsored by Flash magazine, one of leading weekly pictorial magazines in Japan.

Here are some videos of Mai Hakase.

Mai Hakase's blog
Mai Hakase on twitter



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