Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who is Anna Konno?

Anna Konno(今野杏南) is a popular glomour model in Japan.

She is popular among many Japanese men because she resembles Satomi Ishihara(石原さとみ), a famous and popular actress in Japan.

Here are some videos of Anna Konno.

She is a member of "Dororich Girls(ドロリッチガールズ)" which are the poster girls for "Dororich(ドロリッチ)", a drink produced by Glico Dairy Products Company(グリコ乳業).

Here is a TV commercial of Dororich.

Here is an interview with Anna Konno as a member of Dororich Girls.

Anna Konno's blog
Anna Konno on twitter

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  1. i don't think she looks like Satomi Ishihara at all.